Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My "JASPER" findings

I"m a MENTOR, Empowering, Expressive, Communication, and independent

JASPER - The Job Asset and Strengths Profiler

Donna, your answers indicate that you are aMentor when it comes to your overall work personality. Your JASPER type is a combination of your most prominent work traits and a good indicator of what you're like at work.

"It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference."
-Tom Brokaw

JASPER THIS IS ME (or so they say)
April 2007


unique strengths



communication skillscommunication


What you want out of work:
To foster your own growth and instill inspiration and drive in those around you.

Your colleagues think of you as:
Instructive, encouraging, and patient.

What you have to offer:
A talent and desire to be a positive guiding force and an ability to use your skills to teach others.

leadership styleempowering
Empowering. Your leadership style can be characterized as Empowering. You are encouraging and motivating, which likely means that you help others reach their goals and dreams. People probably see you as a good mentor due to your patience and talent for giving direction.
work personalityexpressive
Expressive.You are more Expressive than Introspective when it comes to your work personality. You have an energetic aura about you and are quite gregarious and outgoing. At work, you draw energy and motivation from social interactions and relationships with others.

Univeral Skillsverbal skills
Communication skills. You likely are an articulate person, and you probably have received positive feedback on your writing ability or your skill speaking to groups. Even if you don't regularly use this skill, you nevertheless have confidence in your communication abilities.

Independent. You show strength in your ability to be an Independent worker. While you no doubt can be quite effective working on a team, you feel much more productive when you have the freedom to do things on your own. You simply enjoy the autonomy that independent work entails.

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