Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jane Doe no more....

A sexual assault survivor "came out" recently. After my car wreck in which I was incredibly mangled I made it a point to NOT learn the perps name that did this to me. I wanted him , NEEDED him to be faceless...for ME...not for him.I did not want his name burned into my memory for my lifetime... :

Jane Doe No More Incorporated (JDNM) is borne out of hits ladies' experience as a victim of sexual assault. Crime is an unfortunate reality in today's society and I was unprepared for what lay ahead after the attack as, I believe, is the case with most victims. I was mistreated by the very system put in place to "protect and serve" the innocent. On top of the pain and suffering associated with the crime, the abuse afterward rendered the healing process all the more difficult. The name and the anonymity are meant to protect, as a sort of verbal shield. But sometimes it's necessary to put down a shield to fight a battle. At least, that was the case for one woman we met. She was a woman ready to reclaim her identity. To be Jane Doe No More. A woman named Donna Palomba a GREAT read.

I I sometimes do...relating these types of things to my own spirituality.

PLATE STEALER NO MORE. No longer will I tuck plates from restruants as memories in my purse...or will I.
God more...hopefully LEARN that still small voice is for ME and To LISTEN UP RIGHT NOW!!!
MOM SCREAMER NO MORE. Oh man..that would be so much more peaceful.
Kid SHUT UPPER no more.
Embittered former worker NO MORE. Reluctant waiter on God's working NO MORE.BAD photo taker NO MORE. Lusting for Physical more. Well...that one is still there. I crave touch.

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ness said...

it's not wrong to crave touch.

it might be a little wrong to steal plates.

: )

I love you.