Sunday, April 29, 2007

Death and Reunion's

So a "shirt tail" relative died last week. My sister decided to fly in from Seattle, with a lot of help from her dad who paid for the ticket. I had a NASTY night sleep Friday night, Didn't get to sleep until 4. Then Get a call from sister she is flying into Detroit at FIVE a.m., was "planning on taking the bus, then a taxi"..yah yah right.
SO..Debate for me I sleep until 2, get up and drive to airport..or leave at 10:30, and snooze once I got there? I left at down to Detroit. Got lost, twice. Car overheated 3x. IN NASTY neighborhoods.
Finally Got her, no thanks to NOT KNOWING the airlines she was coming in on.

No sleep all week. My brother who has not been in Michigan in over 27 years came. it was Great seeing him. In the middle of all this was funeral.

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