Saturday, April 14, 2007

D.C. and Tae quon Do

What a day. Woke up of course with BAD hair..this cut gives me nothing but trouble until it is sprayed down.
Was talking IM with a buddy who actually Said EEEEKKKK when viewing my hair. That's bad.
Started with a crying jag for some reason..COULD not stop. Cried my contact lens out. Had an extra kid here...tryin got get ready for a bake sale fund raiser for Golumbisky's tae quon do.
My Girlfriend Shelly came over yesterday and we baked and baked...She called Hub "honey" ...Made his day..don't tell Lori!!We made: carrot cake, choc muffins, Corn muffins, vanilla muffins, choc dipped pretzels, choc dipped almond cookies, STIFF jello..whatever its called, bags of carrots, bags of licorice, boiled eggs, chock chip cookies, no bakes and I know I'm missing something. The sale..was abysmal. I also took like 60 waters to sell.
Continued crying some prescriptions as I was OUT and leaving tomorrow for DC. I so don't feel like going.
I DID find my ID tho..thank you God for Clear direction in that I SHOULD go.
Went out to a local eatery tonight and a radio station was there, and somehow I ended up doing a "Treasure Hunt" with in the place for various items you were to get from other customers. When asked my name ...I stated LOUDLY and PROUDLY.."LORI SMITH FROM ITHACA"....LOL. If you want to know what started out innocently..a comb, a watch, a sort of beyond.
I saw I guy I thought may be a friend's Son..that is Dave..I haven't met him yet..and asked was this person he..(hub said he looks exactly like the other brothers) He wasn't my friend's son, but KNEW them all..and we had a very nice discussion. He was involved in bible work as is my friends son Josh, and so I was able to catch him up a little. He used to be a professional in line skater..but got really messed up ..broke his wrist, young on the circuit and Drugs and alcohol became huge problems..he just got out of rehab and I was able to talk to him quite a bit.He had been engaged to a "Nice Christian virgin" girl...who knew NOTHING of his addcitions to cocaine, herion, and OXY. He ended breaking it off...and I'm sooo Happy for the girl. He said she probably doesn't know yet..but it was a lesson for me...that the worst things we may think of..a broken engagement are saving us from untold heartbreak.
I"m leaving tomorrow for D.C. With the Children's Defense Fund. I don't feel at all prepared...but if I don't would just be worse...I'm frustrated. Good Networking tho..I will just have to make it work for me.

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