Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's day 2009,

We went to the local Irish Pub, were bummed as they were out of Deep Fried Pickles.

The long haired dark girl is Lori, She is the one who has the son many have prayed for over his pluroblasonoma Cancer. He is back in school 1/2 days. The Red haired Shelly, my friend and In TKD with the kids, and Jamie is Lori's Hairdresser and she is a WILD one. She has a PURSE that is like Dora's backpack and had EVERYTHING in it!!

My hub Don posted these, I will post more later. Thank you to Shelly for buying for us tonight. I was drinking Tonic Water (refreshing!!), and Don his No alcohol beers.

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Mike and Nicole said...

How the HELL does one run out of fried pickles???