Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Clemson rips CMU 70-14, I was there

I was there. AMAZING. it is so HUGE my neck got a kink in it trying to look up. There were a few hundred CMU fans from the area, Atlanta, etc. We were HIGH in spirit. As a friend wrote tho, "The Chippewas' got their heads rattle rattle rattled by the TIGERS".
The slaughter was complete. We Did score first, THAT was cool.
South Carolina is beautiful! I got a FREE ROUND TRIP Airline ticket FOR LETTING THEM bUMP ME TO THE NEXT FLIGHT!!!!!


krisscop2@chartermi.net said...

How much orange can one person wear?

klasieprof said...

I know...there are signs EVERYWHERE on the exits..."Next time I'll Wear ORANGE"...they sell it EVERYWHERE, from wal-mart to gas stations to fast food places. its CRAXZY. Definitely felt a little out of place in my burgundy and gold for CMU!!