Monday, March 19, 2007

Being Vulnerable with Jesus

Idon't know anything about Jill Austin..if shes' a freak a frak or what..But my former pastor used to say that "All truth is God's truth"..and I found a lot of truth in this reading.

"Lord, we ask You to take down the walls of self-protection."
We have learned how to build our walls, even in the House of the Lord, but we cry out for a vulnerability to allow the Lord to show us our own brokenness and humanity so we can see how big God is in the midst of it.
He doesn't want us to assume that we should build a ministry and then God will come and fill it. We need to build our lives around the anointing that is in the depths of who we are. We need more of His presence. I pray that the Lord will show you if you have tried yourselves to carry His glory in your ministry, in your home meetings, or in your family.
Ears and Eyes Opened and Cleansed
We also need to cry out for our ears to be opened to hear what the Spirit is saying and pray that God will give us fresh revelation. We need to ask the Lord to take away spiritual deafness where we've assumed and have taken blueprint plans of man without going to God for fresh fire and unction.
We need to ask God for a cleansing where our ears have heard profanity, gossip, and slander. We must cry out that God will start to convict us of things that we hear that are illegal in the Spirit. We have even heard different people being assassinated in our midst. May God forgive us for listening and doing nothing or chiming in on the verbal assaults of other people.
We need to watch our eyes (eye gate), which are a window to the soul. God has called us to be a prophetic people who hear and speak the Lord's heart, to be seers who see in the Spirit, and to be prophetic intercessors and watchmen. What we have seen, has placed "scales" of rebellion and independence over our eyes so many see with a dim vision. We must repent for seeing movies that are filled with violence, murder, and sexual perversion. We need to repent of every single thing that would cloud our ability to see with clarity and purity.
We also are to deal with our mouths, and ask God to make us fiery preachers with a prophetic unction in our homes, at work, and in our neighborhoods. Let's ask the Lord to put a coal of fire on our mouths and to cleanse our mouths where we have "killed" people and ministries instead of bringing life and encouragement through our words.
We must also give Jesus our hands. Let His fire start to fall on our hands for an anointing of healing and miracles and deliverance. Let there be a purifying fire, so as we stand as Levites before the Lord, may there be a cleansing fire of His presence.
The Lord Says...
"Let Me purify your heart; let Me touch you by My Son.
Let me make you clean, so you're a vessel that My glory can flow through.
Submit to My fire, and I will cause you to walk in purity.
Receive My fire; let it burn you clean.
Let Me restore the innocence of your childhood to you.
Let My fire come; let it burn you clean,
So that you may be the vessel of honor to Me."
I feel that the Lord wants those of you who feel you've been in the "killing fields" of the church, your family, or work to come to Jesus with your deep pain and betrayals. It's like seeing heavy boots coming against you, and I feel there has been a type of spiritual abuse that has come against many of you to keep you from moving into the prophetic and who you are in God.
God says that He has given you birthright, and He has called you.
A Powerful Prayer to Break Off Chains
"I break the lies that have come against you. I break the fear of man off of you. I break even the words of others questioning whether or not you hear God."
For the women, "I break the fear of man off of your heads and the words from those who say you can't move in the anointing as a woman of God." Some of you have felt like you have had spears in your heart, "I break the power of those word curses against you right now."
"I also break the lid off of the heads of people who are moving at half your potential, and functioning at only 30% or 40%. I break the lies of the enemy off of your heads that would cause you to operate at your bare minimum!"
Some of you need to forgive people because it is your unforgiveness that is holding you back from flying like eagles. I'm asking the Lord to start to show each of you if there are people you need to forgive and let go of. And I ask that He shows you where there is unfinished business in your life. We must forgive at the foot of the Cross.
As you forgive and release others, I pray that the Lord takes you deeper.
Jill Austin
Master Potter Ministries

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