Saturday, March 03, 2007


Hub and I arrived amid th worst ice storm in Michign. When we landed one of the FIRST differences I noticed was ..well I had a vistage memory of it. I will try and explain...UP in sky ...WAY up...above the clouds...was this golden ORB....eschewing LIGHT..down here they call it the SUN. WOW. Really bright!!
So then we came here, Sara and roommmate Daisy was here to watch the urchins, and we went to a barbeque place called Penquin Als. I guess he just like penquins, I dont think he barbeques them.
We had GREAT Fried pickles, another in our world wide search. These were beer battered "PICKLE CHIPS". Yah. Really good.
the ribs were the best , Brisket good, Ness loved the Coleslaw, yum yum.
but the best thing of all...was of course...the company.
I like Arkansas.


sara said...

yeah, it's pretty cool down here...
Its' nice to see a friendly face from Michigan though too.

ness said...

Y'all come back now...