Thursday, May 17, 2012

My first note to Beaverton Grace Bible survivors blog

Your story is POWERFUL. My Story is POWERFUL. I've begun again to tell my story. I was a member of a small Baptist church and still years later am affected by the "Pastor's" treatment. What some may not understand is that when "Asked to leave" ...its done under cloak and dagger, and is meant to be swept under the rug. My "Pastor" became ENRAGED when I called a couple members to say goodbye. He said I was "Poisoning" the well, etc. (I am looking for the emails he sent to me) .

Months later, I called a member I had tea with regularly, and thought perhaps I could stop by. They in turn, called the Pastor who left a scathing reply on my answering machine, "THE TIME FOR TEA IS OVER".

Keep on. Your words encourage and strengthen others.


Julie Anne said...

Good for YOU! :::::applause:::::

Tell your story and be free from all of that!

~Julie Anne

PawloA said...

Sounds like this pastor is a control freak. We had the same thing with our neighbors. Our and their kids would play with each other until they became Christian and tried to convert us (athiest) to their side. When our son told the neighbors kid about "pokemon" (a tv show) we were told the kids cannot associate with each other as they do not want their kids "poisoned" by our kids. Today (10 years later) the kids snub us and don't say a word to us. Way to go neighbor. We need more like you on our street.

klasieprof said...

One Foster/Adoptive Family I had worked for MONTHS with their foster son putting together a "Pokemon" album. He LOVED it. They used it for quiet time, for rewards...THEN...The kid got put into a "Pre Adoptive" placement. The family "Courted" him for months. Within two weeks of placement, they had taken away and GIVEN away most of the Pokemon stuff as it was "DEMONIC"..and then...decided "he just wouldn't fit in " with the family. Mostly it was the Wife.
I got right up in her face and WHISPERED so...Strongly..YOU WILL tell him it is NOT his Fault. /...Not that it helped him much. They were a Pastor and family.
She..had issues because he would "SAY he had brushed his teeth or combed his hair..but he HADN'T"...
Meh. The kid was destroyed...I lost track of him.