Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mostly Bust

Well this Klasieprof is NOT Bossy (I am

I just got back from the Trip to Washington DC with the Sign Language 2 classes. I am not the teacher of those classes.

I have no wit, no humor to display just now. The incredible boorish behavior of some, ruins it for all. And that's just the chaperone's.

I feel like Dorothy...Was it Dorothy? "There's no place like home" ...and I"m so glad to be here.



Welcome Home, and when you care to do so, please share some details.

Kareer Woman said...

Although DC is one of the coolest cities ever, no doubt it was highly draining for you.
Welcome back!

MP said...

I LOVE to travel and go places but I also love to go home..

Sara said...

too bad i didn't know you were that close to me. i live only 45 minutes away...

Maybe the next time you take a trip to DC huh?