Friday, April 18, 2008

Exam Week, TKD Testing

This has been exam week at a couple of my schools.

Tomorrow the kids (2 of them W. and H) test for middle red belt. I have been making "patches" for the TKD institute.
Let me first explain, that I am the most UN artsy fartzy person on the planet. I'm not like my friend Ness with her ETSY shop
I am just BLEH.
However...something about paper patches just bugged me. The School ran out of Embroidered patches, and just print some off. SO...
What did I DO??? Opened my big fat mouth. Well cared for teeth IN mouth yes, but still OPENED it. href="">
First...about 7 trips to different stores. I thought that I could Get T-shirt transfer paper, Make the transfers from scanning the patch. That didn't work right. the background was all grey.
Is this boring you to death? Sorry.
SO I had to find a way to Lighten the background. I somehow could only fit TWO on a sheet of T-shirt transfer paper when I SHOULD have been able to do 4, but after an hour or two of trying..I gave up.
SO...each sheet of T-shirt paper= about a buck.
Ironed onto Patch type material= about 50 cents
Felt Backing ironed on to Patch material=About 33 cents
One + Color Cartridge, + 1/2 black Cartridge= about $25 bucks

# of hours...if I include 3 separate trips to Wal-Mart (bought spray glue for material, more t-shirt paper when I could only get 2 per sheet etc), Looking for the Iron, Setting up Ironing Board, Ironing transfer onto patches, and Frekin ENDLESS cutting of circles...Do I even WANT To try to figure this out? about 11 hours. Or More.
25 patches


Doris said...

It don't sound like it is worth it to me ???? But did you enjoy it ???


You are a great mama! Way to go, Donna! How do you keep up?

Anonymous said...

Now that's dedication, great work!

ness said...

You are freakin' hilarious. I love the faces you are making in the pictures....i'm laughing my head off.

And I wouldn't have touched that with a ten foot pole. But I think your solution sounded fabulous.

You are amazing. As always.

I bow to my sensei.

Mini Me's Room said...

that was so much work!!!And we only got like 3 back?