Thursday, November 20, 2014

Foreign Exchange Students

SO. We have TWO foreign exchange students in our house along with my Senior Student and Freshman Daughter. One girl Mo is from Germany, Sani is from Finland. It has been eye opening. I have learned the truth, that I HAVE GREAT KIDS. My girls have given up, given in so much for these other two girls...have shared friends, lunch tables and dance lessons.

I know they are also learning that you don't always get much return on investments. One girl started immediately complaining about her room. The carpet was icky. (we tore it up). Then, The floor is worse now than it was with the carpet. (we got an area rug). Her infectious negativism is affecting the other. But...then we find out what the REAL problem is..and it is she is VERY homesick. Her Grandpa has cancer and she is afraid he is going to die.

Then..they both requested to "move"...which is an entire process in and of itself. They have to investigate, and inspect and question. It really sucks. It sucks because I have offered the Absolute BEST we have, and someone finds it not good enough. It is not even a "sort of " slap in the face it IS a slap in the face.

Then, Last night Finland Girl has a Cross Country end of the year dinner. We all go to support her. She announces that her mom approved for her to go to Hawaii for 8-10 days in February. That just again shows that these exchange students are Way out of my league for money. I wasn't trying to compete, but the best we have I am sure really is FAR below what they have at home. Lesson Learned. I'm sure I have many more to learn.

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