Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Sara and Carl and Baby Katherine Joy

by Emily Hansonhttps://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/in-memory-of-katherine-joy/213237
Sara gave me permission to share their birth story:

"On Wednesday July 30th at around 730pm. Sara went into active labor. However it became clear to Sara somewhere around 10pm that safest place for her to be was the hospital. So Carl helped Sara into the vehicle to get to the hospital. On the way there however the contractions became to intense for Sara to bare while in the car. They pulled over and immediately dialed 911. Ambulance came to her rather quickly but to everyone involved it just looked like a normal laboring pregnant woman. Sara continued to feel intense contractions but knew something wasn't right. They rushed her to the closest hospital and performed an ultrasound to find that baby Katherine no longer had a heartbeat. A doctor ordered an emergency c section and they rushed Sara back into the operating room. Once the surgery began the doctors found that Sara's uterus had ruptured causing baby Katherine to come out of the uterus and slide into the upper abdomen. Baby Katherine was born at 12:10am on July 31st. The doctors tried to bring her back but it was too late. They focused next on Sara's life and on saving her fertility. We are so grateful that the Lord spared Sara's life but we grieve a deep grief for her baby Katherine loss."
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Our precious Katherine Joy...born into her heavenly Father's arms July 31st,2014  12:10am, 10pds 7oz. I

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