Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rape , She said no.

This was several months ago...
I was on my way to a party at an Apple Orchard Sunday when I got a call.  She was crying, and I couldn't really understand her. Thank God for caller ID so I knew who it was. She's one of my "shirt tail" kids that have been in and out of my house, dated one of my son's for a while, and remained friendly with all of us, and we all adore her.

"Just Breathe Honey and then blurt it out all at once", I said.

Deep sobbing breath--"I've been raped, I'm at the hospital and I would like for you to come".

So...I was between Shepherd and Alma, about 15 miles away, I turned around and headed for the hospital.

God forgive me, but one of my first thoughts was, "Thank you God it's not one of my bio daughters".
She had been at a party she didn't want to be at with a male friend, met a lot of other people that gave her the creeps. She went to put her purse in the car and lock it as she didn't feel comfortable setting it down anywhere. A 24 year old followed her out and raped her in the car. He apologized afterwards saying he was drunk. He has a 4 year old so initially she thought, well, maybe she wouldn't report it. She knew he had a prior felony because he had talked about it at the bonfire they were at.

She had a friend there, after I was with her for quite a while..she decided she did NOT want to tell her family. I feel bad about it..but part of "MY" letting others free to do what they want and not make them do what I think should be done.

I have had contact with her since....she still hasn't told her family. This is heartbreaking to me, I would feel so sad if one of my kids felt they couldn't tell me something.
Should I ask her if she's gotten counseling? I don't know.

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