Friday, November 09, 2012

Prepping again

My perfectionist thinking will have me stop blogging if I don't keep up with it. Today I was at the  Airport watching the jet take off and Joy Linn called , having missed the bus. SO...I stopped at Merchandise outlet BUT WAIT>>>>!!!! That was AFTER my Coupon clippin, car selling, Nurseing school wizard friend APRIL got me tuned into the BUY OF THE DAY at Meijer's!! On sale//4 pack ANGEL SOFT toilet paper, printable 25 cent coupon which doubles to 50 cents, it was on sale for 75 cents sooo BOOHYAH! 4 pack for 25 cents! we don't have a lot ot toilet paper stocked up, it really doesn't count toward my "stock". BUT...did get a 12 pack of shelf stable milk for 2. 99, and two collapsible water jugs for a buck each, some rope, an ACE bandage, and a small bag of Choc chips.

Then, I made a great salad for dinner. cleaned spinich, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds in a Iron pan with the seseme seeds, and a lil cheese. YUM, no complaints from anyone, except maybe more mandarin oranges please. !

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