Thursday, May 14, 2009

Supreme Court Granholm?

SERIOUSLY? Yes, Let's let Michigan Gov. Granholm run the rest of the Country into bankruptcy as she has Michigan.

This state is NOT great (Except for the 3 deer I am watching in my backyard). I am just sick about this. Love the fact that the State Website is soooo up to date that it's latest Statements are from March.
In Granholms latest cuts:
Reducing Human Services by 97 MILLION? What so each Foster Child is seen once every SIX months? So that DHS workers have Caseloads of a THOUSAND?
Reducing Mental Health Substance abuse by 92 thousand, and then Community Substance Abuse programs by a Million...Reducing Protection and Advocacy groups by 97,000, Community Mental Health by 10 Million? While forcing counties to take more extreme Mental Health clients, closing institutions and shipping them "home"...I am scared for the future.
Right now, Day Cares are rarely visited..Licensing is MONTHS behind, and cuts are over 3 million. Training is essential, personnel are abysmal AWCKK!!

I have to stop.

AND SERIOUSLY...can Granholm PLEASE use some of her health care to remove that Nasty mole from her face!!!

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Sara said...

she should get that checked out it could be cancerous...