Friday, April 17, 2009

Parole probation Stories

So I have been thinking alot about other jobs I've had, and how similar they are to teaching High Schoolers Sign Language.


I remember a parent in Saginaw, SOOO upset that their daughter had stolen a check and written it out for something she needed (or wanted) for school.
First of all, I wasn't convinced the girl hadn't been given permission to do so, if not THAT time then in the past, and the mom was U-N-S-T-A-B-L-E. As I recall the mom was agrophobic and never left the residence. She had every delivery available on speed dial--groceries, prescriptions, food etc.

In Saginaw..there is a Food Delivery taxi that will pick up from several places and deliver it to one residence. If one wants Chinese and another Pizza...-No prob- the Food Taxi does it all.
But I am getting off track. Yes..I was really GOING to say..But I DIGRESS and stopped myself. Who ever uses DIGRESS except in writing? BLeh
The mom calls the cops. The kid is in tears. Mom "wants to teach her a lesson"...Cop...TRIES to talk the mom out of it..saying getting kid involved in the criminal justice system is NOT going to help, tries to give alternatives....but NO WAY..Mom Insists.
So..Young girl...ripped from the home goes to Juvy for the night until she is arraigned. Well...Juvenile detention is NOT a good place..even for one night, and horrible things happened.
The story goes on and on..bottom line, the mom just kept getting madder and madder because SHE had to pay for her daughter's attorney, probation costs, supervision costs etc.

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